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How safe the country's development prospects like

2015-07-02 11:41:13 clicks:

In developed countries, the proportion of families own 90% of the safe in the country for less than 5%, according to the authorities is expected in the next 10 years, our family has a safe ratio of more than 15%, according to the current price calculation, the market volume growth of at least 5 times more; plus government enterprises market, hotel market, more and more developed financial markets, increasingly stringent gun control and other markets to bring firearms cabinet, safe undoubtedly the last 10 one of the fastest growing industries growth rate during the year. Currently, the industry is still relatively rare Vault, the industry is now entering a firm footing and become the first local brand, is relatively easy, and you determine the market positioning, you are far from big pressure on traditional industries. In recent years, the domestic market to grow exponentially safe, it is the best time for people to join the cause of safe sales.

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